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Alright y’all — If you want a great case of the feels, click the @redditofficial link in my bio. Danny Nickerson is a 5 yr old boy that was recently diagnosed with a very rare, inoperable brain tumor. His 6th birthday is July 25th and a flyer asking people to send him cards is circulating the internet. Just click the link and look at the support system on reddit. It’s a refreshing change of pace from all the bullshit taking up space on the web these days. Send this kid a card, please!! I can’t even imagine how incredible this birthday will feel. A small siesta from the hell he goes through on a daily basis.
Took a page out of the @erikmarinovich playbook to package my goodies. by jjcincy85

What Does One Boy Battling Cancer Want For His Birthday?


If any of you can afford to send a birthday card to this little boy with an inoperable brain tumor, it would make his 6th birthday absolutely fantastic! My mom and I are sending him a card with Batman stickers in it. He sounds like a pretty amazing little boy and deserves a great birthday.

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